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Jacky Guter has worked in classical music administration for over 35 years. Using her wide and varied experience she can offer a range of tailor-made services to suit individual needs, either long-term or one-off projects.
Mastertronic - budget computer games giant of the '80s. This tribute, written by an ex-employee, is the only definitive history of this company on the net.

Bristow  Between March1962 and April 2001 the London Evening Standard published Frank Dickens' cartoon strip "Bristow", over 10,000 strips in all. The Guinness Book of Records lists Bristow as the the longest continuously published cartoon in history. Some 14,000 strips have been drawn.

Syndicated in many other newspapers around the world, Bristow has spawned a stage play and a radio series. This site is a celebration of a great comic cartooning creation.


Ramblings of a Ruislip Commuter

A blog of interest to anyone who commutes from Ruislip. Or any other station. Or any form of commuting. Or not. Judge for yourself

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